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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Newsflash- I'm not perfect

Next post I promise is going to be “fun”. Maybe not fun…but entertaining/possibly a little disturbing for all of you with naive ideas of what drug addict life is like. I’ve had some stories I’ve been keeping in my back pocket for whenever I feel the right time is. And for some strange reason…I’m ready to talk about them now. It may boggle a few brains…things including butcher knives, gremlins, and government spies. Do I have your attention now?
                Anyways…I was looking at the blog today, and realized my picture was still anonymous. Kind of funny considering the whole “front page of the newspaper” and “full size picture on page 3” thing. But…it seems to be that part of me was still hiding behind the anonymity of the web. So…I’m done hiding. Pictures are being changed…my name is already out there…and as far as I’m concerned…I want these stories to travel. I’m encouraging gossip. After seeing how the newspaper article affected people…and all of the responses I got to it…made my heart happy. No one realizes how common some of the stuff I talk about is…because everyone is so damn SCARED to say anything. And there’s no reason for that. The entire point of this blog is to get people talking…get people thinking…(and help me express my sometimes unhealthy thoughts/emotions).
                I’ve gotten a LOT of criticism for posting about all that I do. That I should stop “giving personal details” and stop “broadcasting my personal life”. After all…people might see my weaknesses and that’s just not acceptable! Oh BITE ME. Ya ready for this? I’M NOT PERFECT! I’m…stubborn, emotionally damaged, I’ve got enough baggage to fill a 747, I talk a lot, I don’t censor myself, I have a very LOW patience level…and quite frankly, I’m bitter sometimes! If you don’t like it…get off my page ;) I say what I think…and that will NEVER change. And to everyone who thinks I should stop talking about all of these “personal topics”…I hope you know that YOU are part of the problem. It’s people like you, that give victims the idea that they aren’t allowed to tell anyone what’s happening to them. It’s people like YOU that make them feel guilty…like the situation is somehow THEIR fault. Wake up!!!
                I plan to go on a rant soon about the word victim as well. I’m thinking it all right now…but don’t really have the time to write it all out. It needs some more fine tuning in my head before it’s set in stone. Be sure to stay tuned for that one…it should get interesting.
                Was checking into all the stats on the blog…and it blows my mind. 6 continents, 47 countries, about 5,300 hits…all in less than 6 months. Sheesh.
                Random thought before I stop myself from babbling all night…I’m usually not a big Taylor Swift fan…something about her kind of annoys me. No good reason for it…and I’m sure she’s wonderful, but something just irks me. Anyways…heard her latest song today “Eyes Open”…and it’s been stuck in my head. Very interesting…you should check it out. Well played Taylor…well played.

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