"Life always offers you a second chance, it's called tomorrow...the past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or can only be accepted."

Friday, July 11, 2014

I need YOU

So here's the deal. I have an idea. A really big idea. It could go nowhere, but it could also do really big things for a lot of people. But I'm going to need help.

I can't give much information. It's all in the beginning stages, and I don't really have any details to give out. Keep reading and see if you match the description for what I'm looking for.


*From all walks of life...white, black, yellow, green, purple. Male, female. Straight, gay. Just preferably someone human.

*Who has been through something that is hard to deal with. I know we all have struggles, but I'm looking for something "unusual". And please no one take offense to me saying that. I don't downplay ANYONE'S struggles...but for this particular project I need to kind of "blow the lid off" of major traumatic events. I'm talking abuse, rape, an attack of some sort...or anything that falls in that category. However this may also include someone struggling with a ***diagnosed*** mental disorder. Depression, anxiety, whatever it may be.

*Is willing to be public about their situation. Must be willing to answer hard questions, get incredibly open about specifics, and handle criticism. It may not always be an easy ride, but if someone quits on me halfway could ruin the entire project. This will NOT be an anonymous venture.

*Someone that trusts me. Know that I will never share personal information without FULL consent. I'm a locked safe of information...until given the permission to use it.

I know this sounds incredibly vague, and is probably confusing. But if you're willing to talk about the struggles you've faced...I need your help.

Please know, if you want to share a story with me...and would like to remain anonymous until you get more information...that's fine too. Also, know that you can't shock me. My opinion will not change with the information you give me. I don't judge...and if anything I get a huge sense of pride for the people that tell their stories. Email me at I'll check it daily to get an idea of what I'm working with.

I want to change lives people! And the only way to do that is with backup. Show your strength and tell me your stories.

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