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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Veteran's Day

It's no shocker that my father was not a good role model, or a good example of what a man should be in my life. Luckily, I grew up surrounded by amazing men who pushed me to be a better person. They were examples of what unconditional love really was. Some pushed me in my schoolwork...and demanded the best when it came to my studies. Others involved me in their daily lives with their own children...treating me as though I was one of their own. And others watched from a distance...making it clear that they would be there if I ever needed them. These men were my mom's two brothers, and her sister's husband.

These men are amazing husbands, loving fathers, and more specifically (the reason for today's post) they are also veterans. At one point in their lives, they signed themselves over to this country and agreed to do all they could to protect everyone in it. These men are heroes.

There's another hero in my life as well. One who continues to shock me every day with his bravery and love. My Nick has given so much not only to me, but to the rest of this country. I've always honored and respected our veterans and our active duty members...but I didn't realize just how much some of them have gone through until I met him.

He has seen things unimaginable, he has lost people he loved, and he has helped save others. He has protected this country, and has made sacrifices bigger than any that I could ever understand. On top of it, he gained a band of brothers that truly act like family. I've been lucky to meet these men multiple times...and I love them now like they are my big brothers.

My point being Happy Veteran's Day to the men who taught me what a "real man" is. The men who treat women with respect, who love their families, and who show bravery on a daily basis.

First, all of my USMC "big brothers" from Fallujah 10 years ago

Family- USMC, USMC, USMC, and USAF

And by far my favorite- my Nick 

 And just for entertainment lucky I am to finally have him home safely...and hopefully for good.

(Side note- please educate yourselves on the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran's Day...and then act accordingly. Memorial Day is for those that have been lost, not those who are still here with us.)

Hug a veteran today. Heaven knows they deserve at least that. 

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