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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Care packages

This will be a real quick post as it's something I've been meaning to write up for a few days but keep getting distracted.

In honor of after Valentine's Day sales...I'm going to the store to grab as much candy as I can afford along with cards, and anything else that looks appealing. I'm going to make a new round of care packages to send overseas.

I might have my military man home...but way too many people don't. And there are hundreds more men and women stuck in the middle of a desert that I imagine would enjoy some chocolate.

SO...the point of posting this is to reach the masses as quickly as possible. If you would like to donate things to send, write a letter, sign a card, anything...let me know please. You can email me, contact me here, Facebook, whatever. If you email- use

I'm looking to send them out some time next week...and already have some of the local high schoolers working on getting some letters to include.

Thanks all!

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