"Life always offers you a second chance, it's called tomorrow...the past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or can only be accepted."

Thursday, February 5, 2015

"Darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream"

I thought the title was appropriate as lately I've been referred to as someone who  "writes like a 15 year old" "with no real problems."

I am a 24 year old girl trying to make her way in this world. 
I am a girl that has fought against a lot of hell and won.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed and let shitty people get the best of me. I let negative comments bother me.

But then I remember that the first half of my life was hell because of someone who wanted to make me feel smaller. 

I promised myself early in this blog process that no one would ever make me feel small again.

I am in control of my life, my happiness, and my success.

I have overcome more than you know. I have beat the statistics.

I have succeeded.

And anyone who wants to tear that down...has their own issues that they need to deal with.

I'm chronically depressed. My PTSD keeps me awake at night.

But I'm better off than I could have hoped just 5 years ago. And I will gladly take that...because life gets better every day. 

Some people are a lot better off than I am, and I'm happy for them. Some are a lot worse...and I truly wish there was something I could do to help them.

But all I can currently do is explain that I was once there. I was supposed to grow up addicted to drugs, a mother of 3 at 21, and a high school drop out. I chose to throw those statistics out the window and be the exception to the rule.

You can too...or you can sit around and talk big game on the internet and insult won't be the first or last.

" 'Cuz I got a blank space baby...and I'll write your name"

If you don't like what you're reading...don't read it. 

If it helps you...remember I'm always here to help if you need it. 

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