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Friday, October 21, 2011

Social with a lack of security

This post is going to be a little random, but it’s something that’s really been on my mind lately. I was going through boxes and I found some government card with my dad’s first wife’s information on it. I contacted a few family members on his side, asking what they knew about her. I had only heard a few stories from my dad about this woman…and my curiosity was eating away at me. Part of me was hoping to find her, and find out what exactly happened between her and my father. It had always been kind of a taboo topic, and he never voluntarily gave up too much information about her. All I knew is she’d been an artist, and it had been a quick marriage. But something didn’t seem right, and I wanted more information.
                So I went to his family. I called my aunts to ask them what they knew…come to find out…they didn’t know a marriage had even existed. They told me that she was just a girlfriend and that they had never been married. I was officially really confused. According to the entire family…my mom was my dad’s first wife.
                My mom however had another story. He was married to this woman, but when they had divorced she had done everything she could to get away from him. She had not only cut off all contact, but had moved away. From what my mom knew, she had remarried and was doing her best to keep my father away from her.
                This brings me back to the card I found the other day. This card had her full name (at the time), her birth date, and most interestingly her social security number. The box I found this in was a box full of pictures that my father had put together for me years ago…that had been sitting in a storage unit ever since. I can’t imagine that card was supposed to be included. But it really got me to wondering what exactly my father was doing with all of her personal information so many years later.
                I don’t know. Maybe I’m paranoid and maybe I think there’s conspiracy in everything. But coming from a very unstable man with a history of stalking…I want to know more.


  1. Your Dad's first wife was a brave, beautiful artistic girl wan the age you are now. When she realized how much danger she was in, she did leave the area and attempt to maintain a safe distance. I was relieved she got away.

  2. I'm glad she did...I just wish I could meet her and get some more information. It's hard to see this entire life he lead before I came around, or was able to understand what was going on.