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Monday, December 19, 2011

Kat...don't overreact...

So I’m going to have to go into a little background real quick before I explain everything I want to in this post. As I mentioned in a recent post…my husband and I have recently separated, and unfortunately are headed to divorce. Well in the last two weeks I’ve gotten a lot of messages, emails, and phone calls from old friends sending their thoughts. One message was from a guy I met back in college and really hit it off with. And when I hit it off, please let me be clear…we were good friends…end of story. Anyways, I was only away at school for 6 months or so, before I came home and married my husband. So needless to say, this guy and I kind of lost touch.
                Well a couple of months ago we reconnected via Facebook, with just a few quick messages of “Hey how have you been?” “Good you?” “Good.” And again…the end. However shortly after making the news of my divorce public…I got a message from this guy. He was incredibly respectful and just sounded concerned. Told me he enjoyed the friendship he had, we should keep in touch…was really just being a good friend. Since that message, we’ve talked almost every day about all sorts of random stuff. It was nice to have him as a friend again…2 states away or not.
                The other night we were both at parties and exchanged a few texts back and forth. I asked what he was doing and his response made my jaw hit the floor. “Not gonna lie I’m in NYC…did some coke too.” Now at first I thought it HAD to be a joke…so I asked if he was being serious and got “Yes, very much so”…which I again thought was a joke. Or maybe I just hoped it was. After continuing the conversation it became clear to me that there was no joking about it…he’d really been doing coke at some stupid party. I texted him and told him to just text me the next day…I didn’t want anything to do with the drug scene.
                The following text messages told me so much. First I got the “I don’t get into that stuff regularly but it’s a party lol” then, “I’m ok it’s not a huge deal.” So I flat out told him…it’s a big deal to me considering my father’s in jail from drugs like that and prescriptions…and that I REALLY didn’t want anything to do with it. So then I get, “It’s not a problem I live in the city it’s not a big deal,” and all I responded with was “Not to you.” But then I got my absolute FAVORITE line of the night… “Kat, don’t overreact.” Oh honey…if only you knew.
                Now I don’t even know which part of all this to tear into first. First of all I have to say…I NEVER saw this kid doing hard drugs like that. It never would have occurred to me. He doesn’t seem that type, he seems responsible…and I’d actually told a few friends how refreshing it was to talk to someone that had drive. Someone that had a future…and knew how they wanted to make their future come about. It made me feel like I could seriously do whatever I wanted to…and that I could be successful. And then to find out that he’s one of “those”…not exactly something I need in my life…and certainly not as a friend.
                Second, the crap that poured out of his phone and into mine made me want to scream. “Not a huge deal” “but it’s a party” “not a problem” “in the city it’s not a big deal”. I mean seriously? Not a big deal? It’s coke! If we COMPLETELY ignore the whole slowly killing your body thing…there’s still the whole completely and entirely illegal thing. That show COPS where they arrest people? Not a joke, and not staged. Now if you choose to spend your life doing things that could land you in the back of a cop car…that’s your choice. But doing the “told ya so” will be my choice when it happens.
Next, I wonder if he has ANY idea what coke actually does to you. I do! Just a quick glimpse from the things I picked up at my good ol’ dad’s house as a kid…
Coke: also known as blow, stones, snow, or rocks. Most batches are laced with insecticides, pet tranquilizers, and pet de-worming medications. In the case of a bad high it can produce anything from mild itching to hallucinations, and major paranoia attacks. Hell, even a “good” high can easily bring an irregular heartbeat, tremors, mood swings, nausea, severe muscle weakness or spasm, and insomnia. Just to name a few. And then let’s visit the whole idea of oh I don’t know…um DEATH?!
And just for the hell of it, I looked up some facts, statistics, etc. Adam Goldstein (DJ AM)…died of accidental cocaine overdose in 2009, Brittany Murphy also in 2009, and Mikey Welsh earlier this year. As a matter of fact, in 2009…almost 425,000 visits to Emergency Rooms across the country were for cocaine specifically. A whopping 21.2% of all visits involved illicit drugs.
                So back to what I was saying before. I mean what more do you need? Not a big deal…sure, if possible death isn’t a big deal to you. For instance, jumping off the roof of my house could be fun…it’d be a “thrill.” Chances are I’d land safely and walk away with minor injuries if any. However, there’s also a chance that I could seriously hurt myself…and an even slighter chance that I could die. Given this information do you see me jumping off the roof…? No. Common. Freaking. Sense.
                On another note…I guess this could just be a personal preference…but I really don’t see ingesting insecticides and tranquilizers as being “fun.” I don’t care how exciting it feels at the time…that’s just disgusting. And I wouldn’t want to run risks of going completely bat crazy because there was something else funky thrown into that batch. No thanks!
                And now I have to tackle that whole final comment he made. The famous “Don’t overreact”. HA! If it wasn’t sad…it’d be really freakin’ funny. What more can I even say? When those words popped up on my phone I swear instead I read: “I’m trying to act like slowly poisoning my body with strange chemicals that could possible kill me, all while risking my entire future knowing I could get caught…is fun! And please, peer pressure, it’s not a big deal! PS Yay drugs!” Ok so maybe that translation was a little obnoxious. But I’m stressed…and I’m in that kind of mood. You get my point.
Anyways. I let myself cool off for a day, because I really did enjoy this person’s friendship. I sent him a message with my blog information, and the newspaper article from when my dad got arrested. Asked him to take a look when he had a chance…because I really want to make sure my point gets across. Maybe he already looked, maybe he will some time down the line, and maybe he never will. All I can really hope is he knocks off his stupid behavior before it DOES get out of control…and before it ruins his life. Afterall…aren’t “it’s not a big deal” just the famous last words in this crazy drug world we live in?

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