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Monday, January 20, 2014

Keeping it simple

                I wanted to write tonight…but I didn’t know what to write about exactly. There were so many random thoughts that came to mind…but they were all entirely too scattered. So in order to center myself I went and found my old FA book…”Today a Better Way.” Today’s reading was all about keeping it simple. One of the sentences that really caught my attention was “I remind myself – keep it simple – and let go of everything that doesn’t matter at this second, this minute, this hour, and this day.”
                This seems to be something that I really struggle with. I try to be everyone and everything way too often. I need to remind myself on a regular basis that the world isn’t on my shoulders. Everything ISN’T up to me. Yes…I have a lot of responsibility. I work, I go to school, I teach gymnastics, and I coach at the high school. I run a household by myself at the moment. I’m lucky to have help from an amazing man…but the everyday things like laundry and dishes get exhausting when you’re all alone.
                I don’t mean it to sound like I’m whining, because as much as I’d rather have help…I honestly don’t mind doing those things on my own. BUT…sometimes I put entirely too much pressure on myself. When things like dusting or cleaning out the car can wait…I stay up until 2 am doing them. I hold myself to this impossible standard that no person in their right mind can attain. Well…at least no truly happy person.
                The point is…the simple things are the most important in my life. Whether it be the little things like lighting some candles and taking a relaxing shower to the sounds of James Taylor…or having a clean house and organized car. The simple things really make me happy…they keep me centered. Heck, just tonight I made a pot pie and drew a heart in the crust. It sounds silly…but that little detail made me smile and reminded me that it’s ok to just be happy sometimes.
                It’s not hard to be happy. It’s really not. It takes a lot more effort and energy to be stressed out and sad all the time. Finding joy in small things and welcoming all the “happy” that life has to give really isn’t too difficult. The hard part of being happy is letting go of the stressful things…and letting go of the restrictions that we put on ourselves.
                There are a lot of simple things that make me happier than I could have ever hoped. Things like the fact that I have an amazing boss (or two of them), the fact that I have a family that would do anything for me, or even just the fact that my life is better than it’s ever been.
                I used to need a lot. Even just a year ago I needed more attention, I needed more chaos…I needed more of something that I couldn’t find. Now it feels like I can finally keep it simple for once in my life…I can finally just be happy with what I have.

                And I suppose in the idea of keeping it simple…that’s all I can say about it all. 

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