"Life always offers you a second chance, it's called tomorrow...the past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or can only be accepted."

Friday, August 8, 2014

To the addict I love...

To the addict I love, to the addict I’ve never met, to the young girl about to try drugs at a party, to the adult male who just wants a release from life, to anyone and everyone that has ever sought any kind of drug to escape the pressures of life…this is all meant for you.

Things I’m about to say may piss you off. You may think “who is this chick” “she doesn’t know what she’s talking about” or even “my life isn’t your business”. But PLEASE read to the end. Then feel free to do as you wish…whether it be mentally flick me off…or truly think about my words.

You are loved. If not by the people who should love you…by me. I love you, and I want you to have a better life. I want your possible children to have a better life…and I want you to look back on today years from now and think how things have improved so much.

You are not alone. And I mean that. Even though it feels like it…when all of the people you trusted walked out on you…you still aren’t alone. There are people who want to fight this fight with you, and want to help you succeed.

The high you achieve from using can never be equivalent to the high of taking control of your life, and fighting to make it better. Nothing can compare to that. The feeling of weightlessness and relief you get from using is only temporary…all of the scary things are going to come rushing back when you come down. And they will come back stronger, and more painful. The only way to keep them away is to keep using, or to no longer walk this Earth. Neither of which should be an option.

None of us are perfect. Even the people who act like they are…are likely fighting some extreme battles themselves. They may be good at hiding the fact that things are falling apart…but everyone is dealing with hell in their own way.

Pick a word. Something that makes you feel uplifted and strong. Remember that word no matter what. Maybe it’s something simple like “Fight” or maybe it’s your child’s name…the person that you would give your life for. And focus on that word when things feel like they’re caving in around you.

Understand that nothing lasts forever. Nothing. The hardships, the joys…even the high you get from using…it will end. Learn to ride the ups and downs…and learn to accept them as they are. Learn to embrace them.
Excuse the common saying…but remember that life is short. Too short. And sometime soon you’re going to desperately wish it would slow down…and that your days hadn’t passed so quickly. You’re going to wish that you could get back every second you spent high.

Learn all the time. No matter what is going on…use it to learn something. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Take everything that gets thrown at you, and find a way to turn it into a positive for yourself and your family. You will never regret that.

I said in a previous post to contact me…and I meant it. It’s what made me write this letter…as it was excessively on my mind. There is no embarrassment in addiction. It’s a disease…and a lot of people deal with it every day. There is help out there, but not if you don’t seek it. No one can make you get help if you don’t want it.

Get help for you. For your family. Hell, for your dog. Find a reason to get help…and take full advantage of it. Commit, and work hard. Reach out to people who lift you up, and not to the people who bring you down. Your addict friends…don’t want the best for you. Even though it may seem like it. Help yourself…and then try to go back and help them. Accept too that you may not be able to help everyone.

Don’t let that stop you from trying…I haven't. 

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