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Monday, December 15, 2014


One of my last posts was all about a that was finally revealed this weekend. As an early birthday surprise for my mom (who hates surprises)...I convinced her to come to Ohio for a speech contest that I had won.

But to put it simply...I lied. 

Instead I got to tell her on Saturday morning that I was graduating with my first real degree, with honors, and that I was starting the next degree process in the spring. 

She cried. I cried. My grandma cried. 
Basically the women of my family all bawled our eyes out all day.

I will be posting the video of her surprise even though she told me not to. Because honestly, her reaction when realizing what I was telling her...was absolutely priceless. Not "congratulations", or "I'm so proud"...but...

"I have to go shopping...I only brought jeans!!!"
(She ended up looking fabulous by the way...and got new shoes out of the deal)

Sunday was amazing. It was a whirlwind, and it flew by...but it was amazing. I finally did what I set out to do years ago, and I proved a lot of people wrong (including my self-doubt). Honestly...I kicked that degree's ass!

My mom, grandma, Nick, his family, the little ones, my best friends...the day was beautiful (and boring) in so many ways. I have the life I've always wanted. Complete with a lot of hard work...and a lot of amazing blessings.

The blessing of an amazing mom. Who is not only brilliant...but loving as well. A woman who supports me no matter how badly I mess up...and wants me to strive for the stars.

The two people who love me the most. And push me the hardest. The woman who made me who I am, and the man who influences who I will be.

Two badass and beautiful women who I look forward to becoming as I get older. As a wife, as a mother, as a professional, a friend, and a grandmother. If I become half of the woman that either one of them are...I will have a life far exceeding what I've hoped for.

Goofiness. Fun. Laughter. Love. And all of the other gross happy shit that went on yesterday. Because it was a day to celebrate and be proud. And to teach Nick how to take a picture without giving us a double chin.

And one more. 
Because a picture is worth a thousand words.

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  1. You look like your mommy :) CONGRATS on the degree, you DID kick its ASS!!! Good luck on this next stage of your journey.. you will ROCK that one as well!