"Life always offers you a second chance, it's called tomorrow...the past cannot be changed, forgotten, edited, or can only be accepted."

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Family jackpots, cheeseball jars, and the zombie apocalypse

There have many days that I have gotten uncontrollably angry at the cards that life has dealt me. I have spent hours wondering why the hell the world threw so much crap at me at such a young age. I have blamed everyone...from God to the clerk at the grocery store for how hard my days were. I wondered nonstop why I got such a mess of a family, and why I was shoved into such a volatile situation at my father's house. I couldn't comprehend why authorities wouldn't get me out, and I searched for ways to get myself out of the situations I was in.

But for years I didn't realize something important. 

When it comes down to it...I actually lucked out. 

I spent the last weekend with my mom's side of the family. A group of people who are majorly respected in their day to day lives. Successful businessmen/women, lawyers, entrepreneurs, amazing parents...the whole package. A family that is raising new generations of amazing people. Aunt and uncles who lead by example, cousins who love each other deeply, and grandparents that stay married for 50 years...through a lot of hardship.

A group of people who are just as insane as they are respected.

I smiled harder this weekend than I have in ages. 
I laughed until I cried (quite literally). 

And I was reminded yet again...that despite the craziness of my father...despite the distrust many members of his family have left me with...and despite me taking a long time to realize it...

I hit the family jackpot.

So here's yet another thanks to my mom, my rock, the woman who never gave up on me...for giving me the BEST family in the world.

Oh...and thank you to my family...for reminding me how important cheeseball jars are during the zombie apocalypse. 

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