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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Yes all people

So yesterday's post sparked some irritation, as guns are SO DANGEROUS. Oh my God guns kill people!!! "Why would you encourage young girls to experiment with guns?" "What kind of role model is this chick?" Blah blah blah.

First off, I didn't encourage ANYONE to EXPERIMENT with guns. If anything, I'm pretty sure I made it clear that using my gun is something only to be done in practice (in a safe, controlled, range environment), or in self defense. As for young girls...I 100% encourage them to LEARN how to shoot. Learn how to work a gun, how it functions, how it feels...learn about their reactions as well. You don't HAVE to have one down the road...but know how to use it.

However, that isn't what I wanted to talk about today. I did enough of making people mad with it yesterday. Today's topic is spawned from the "druggings" (I don't know what else to call them) in the island town near us...Put in Bay.

I LOVE Put in Bay. It's a blast, and a pretty big party scene on the weekends. It's a vacation that's essentially "right down the street". However as someone who has also taken a family vacation to the island, and spent a lot of time there as a child...I in no way find it dangerous. Lately, there have been a lot of reports of girls being drugged and raped while vacationing there. Which of course has just encouraged this whole #yesallwomen nonsense.

(I'd bet good money right now that like 20 readers read that last sentence and their faces started boiling).

You heard me right. I think the #yesallwomen stuff is nonsense. It goes to another point I made not long ago that we are raising a society of victims. And to another point I make all the time. Guess what...PEOPLE SUCK.

I'm all for women standing up for themselves. And in a perfect world, druggings, rapes, violence, war, abuse, wouldn't happen. But this is not a perfect world, and no amount of perfectly placed hashtags are going to change that. I get the point of the movement. That instead of teaching our daughters to watch their drinks...let's teach our sons not to drug or rape women. I THINK THAT'S FANTASTIC. However, there are still going to be bad seeds.

My grandmother certainly didn't teach my father to be an arsonist or an abusive psychopath...but well...he was. And other grandmother taught my mother as a child to be a strong woman and to protect herself and make smart choices. So when she was put in a situation where she wasn't safe, she did something about it. She didn't cry to everyone else about how horrible life was, and "poor her". She refused to be a victim. She taught me not to be a victim.

So yes, let's continue to encourage men to be good people. Let's also encourage our daughter's to be smart. Guys- knock it off. Stop trying to hurt women. Girls- watch your drinks. Don't get wasted, keep your wit's about you, and if something doesn't feel help. And vice versa!

But here's my bigger issue. This whole movement promotes women to be victims. "We shouldn't have to watch our drinks"...well I shouldn't have to pay taxes so lazy people can live off of the government...but um...I do don't I? Life is hard people...get a helmet. Do what you need to do to keep yourself safe.

As for the men...for the love of heaven, can we PLEASE stop criminalizing the guys?! Yes, there are a lot of trash bags, liars, cheaters, etc. I know...I dated most of them. However, there are a lot of those same girls! It just doesn't show as much because "girls are delicate flowers who are always right...blah blah blah". And I know there are a lot of those girls...because I USED TO BE ONE. I dated some nice guys, that I treated like crap. I was insecure, immature, and a brat. It took a good guy to help open my eyes that I was treating people like crap because of MY issues.

I know I've left thoughts out, but I'm scatterbrained on account of too much coffee and not enough sleep last night. Just for good measure here's a picture for my idea of a movement #yesallpeople.

Why? Because we're both people. He's too busy being Superman to be a criminal. And I'm too busy being a badass to be a victim.

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