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Friday, November 18, 2011

Stick with me

Well the blog has officially been up for a month now. I feel like it’s been a lot longer…but in a good way. The final stats after a month were 1,115 views, including 26 in Russia, and 7 other countries. It has 7 followers (well 8 technically, but that was my fault because I somehow started following myself and can’t figure out how to undo it). But anyways I really just love what I’m doing. Posts are going to slow down a little bit for awhile, I’m getting my insurance licenses so I’ve got a lot of studying to do in the next 2-3 weeks. Once that’s all done though, I’ll be back in full force.
                In the meantime I promise to do my best to get posts up. Whenever I have ideas to write about I try to get to my computer and let my fingers go as soon as possible. So no worries…I will still be around! Just maybe not multiple posts a day!
                Stick with me though, lots of stories still to come. I have an endless bank of them. And meanwhile time is still moving forward, so I’m sure things are still to come.
                I appreciate everyone who sticks with me. I’ll be doing my best to get posts up as much as possible. I just have a LOT of studying to do in the next few weeks. Thanks J

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